He Who Watches



Inexplicably powerful hatred for true dragons

Mysterious benefactor

Orcish weaponry, specifically sword

Damage causes cracks in the skin, instead of bleeding

Nigh tireless


A living weapon summoned ages ago by a foolhardy mage, seething in hatred and rage at his captor. After a number of failed attempts to dominate his will, the sentient weapon mortally wounded the mage. The weapon was too powerful, too dangerous, and too intelligent to allow free reign. The mage gave his life to weaken the creature, and the mages peers worked alongside each other in order to seal it.

But seals are made to be broken. Upon his awakening, Bahel found that only the blood of mages, and the essence of draconic magic, of which his summoner so prided himself, could slake his thirst.


Was summoned by a human necromancer named Clover Dantus. Clover, however, was not powerful enough to control the Immortal.

Bahel also regained memories of a wife, son, and companions.


Dragons to the Slaughter Wherman