Black Archer


Black Archer is easily identified, first by his dark armor and a full helmet with his elven ears exposed. He stands nearly 6 feet tall, several heads above other elves, wielding a bow even taller. His arrows punch clean through flesh and bone, and his swords cut with the same vicious efficiency.


Born Galwindor, son of Gewilin, brother of Galmir, paragon of the Northern Star clan, of the Valaes Tairn elves. The Northern Star clan was proclaimed the right hand of the Emperor, and Galwindor quickly gained rank, leading his own division of dragoons against the Republic. His Valenar peers granted him the nickname Black Archer, the title of a long-dead Elven god.

Betrayed by the Faceless Emperor and his brother, with a number of his family dead, he defected to the Republic. He has since earned infamy as one of the most invincible heroes of the Republic.

Because he was born and trained in Valenar, an Arkhosian territory, he is regarded with suspicion.

Special Items:

Bracers of Execution. Additional 1d6 damage on a critical hit. In draconic on the inside of these scale bracers is the inscription, “The son of Ashardalon shall return and cleanse the land in flame.”


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